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Prismi: Gianluca Palmieri new CFO and responsible for M & A

MILAN ( - Gianluca Palmieri is the new CFO of Prismi,as well as Head of M&A. Having graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Modena in 1998, he became controller at leading industrial companies in Emilia and Finance Administration Director of an important multinational company. "The arrival of Gianluca - states Alessandro Reggiani, CEO of Prismi - is a consequence of the rapid growth under way in our group; a growth maintained mainly by internal lines, but also by virtue of the acquisitions that took place in the second part of last year, together with the simultaneous process of rationalisation of all our holdings. Prismi intends to continue to strengthen the strong domestic growth under way also with further acquisitions". "We believe that a figure like Gianluca Palmieri, - adds Reggiani - by strengthening the entire central structure of the group, would necessarily guarantee the orderly execution and the best integration of these processes, notwithstanding a careful analysis of market opportunities and all possible synergies, operational and strategic".