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AIM Italia Osservatorio. Emilia Romagna worth 12% with total revenues of 1.1 billion

MILANO ( - 13 companies from Emilia Romagna are listed on AIM Italia (12% of the total). The region is characterised by listed companies with industrial business models (62%), with sizes and margins higher than the AIM market average and positive performance in terms of revenues. Emilia Romagna is second in terms of number of companies, after Lombardy (52%) and before Lazio (10%). The total revenues by these companies amounted to 1.1 billion euro (23% for the AIM market) and total deposits in IPO (equity) amounted to 331 million euro (10% of the market), of which 19.8 mln in 2018. This is what has emerged from the territorial analysis conducted by IR Top Consulting's Osservatorio AIM Italia. "From the results of the Osservatorio AIM Italia - commented Anna Lambiase, Founder and CEO of IR Top Consulting - it emerges that Emilia Romagna ranks second in terms of turnover, by market capitalisation (1.9 billion euros, equal to 24%) and in terms of capital raised in IPO (331 million euro), after Lombardy. The AIM Italia Emiliana company is mainly active in the industrial sector (62%), shows an average revenue growth in 2017 of + 10% (+ 12% the market average) and a marginality (18%) higher than the AIM average (13.6%). AIM, with an overall inflow of over € 4 billion since 2009, represents for Italy a stock market that greatly supports the growth of SMEs. Vimi Fasteners, active in the precision mechanics sector, is the most recent company in Emilia Romagna to be listed on the AIM market, with 12 million in capital raised and has registered a total demand equal to 2.6 times the total offer. The IPO on AIM Italia is an option worth considering, especially for SMEs wishing to invest in their growth without losing control of the company: listing is an opportunity for great visibility with significant returns. Moreover, starting this year, companies' access to the capital market is facilitated: the incentives for the listing of SMEs, introduced by the Budget Law 2018, cuts IPO costs by 50% in tax credit operations, and that will be supported until 2020. In order of the most recent listing the companies are: Vimi Fasteners (Industry), CFT (Industry), born out of the Business Combination with the SPAC Glenalta, Cellularline (Industry) born out of the Business Combination with the SPAC Crescita, Fervi (Industry); Illa (Industry), SITI B & T Group (Industry), Energica Motor Company (Industry), Bio-On (Chemistry), PLT Energy (Energy and Renewable Energies), Expert System (Technology), Prismi (Technology), Poligrafici Printing (Media ), Rosetti Marino (Industry).