MILANO ( – The Board of Directors of the parent company BioDue has examined the consolidated revenues from contracts in the first nine months of 2018. From January to September revenues grew by +13.8% to 29.9 million EUR. The weight of the foreign market is growing at + 28.8%, the domestic component is up 11.7%. The parent company BioDue recorded growth of + 6.5%. Behind this driving force is the company’s own brands Selerbe(+ 17.1%), and BiOfta (+20.9%). “The growth in consolidated revenues – commented Vanni Benedetti, President of BioDue – is in line with the forecasts of the business plan. As in the first half of the year, the figure for the first nine months confirms an increase in exports with a constant penetration of its own brands into new markets. The progressive repositioning of production on its own brands was also confirmed.