MILANO ( – Clabo has announced the closure of the additional exercise period for the ‘Clabo Warrant 2015-2018′, between October 10th and October 16th 2018, following an approval at the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of a capital increase to be offered as an option to all members. As part of the increase in option, up to a maximum of 2,020,836 new ordinary company shares will be issued, with no par value, having the same characteristics as those in circulation, with regular dividend, at the price of € 2.40 per new share, for a total value of a maximum of 4,850,006.40 euros. The company will assign shareholders 1 option rights for each ordinary share held, for a total of 8,083,344 rights net of actual shares in the portfolio, and 3 rights to which the majority shareholder, Clabofin, is ready to give up only for the purpose of allowing for the quadrature of the operation. The new shares are offered in the ratio of 1 new share for every 4 option rights held. The majority shareholder Clabofin will subscribe 125,000 newly issued shares deriving from the capital increase transaction in progress. The shares will be subscribed at the issue value of € 2.40 and for a total value of €300,000. The release date of the option rights is scheduled for October 29th, 2018. The option rights will have to be exercised between October 29th and November 16th 2018 and will be negotiable on AIM Italia from October 29th to November 12th 2018. “The majority shareholder – comments Clabo’s Chairman, Pierluigi Bocchini – intends to confirm its confidence in the implementation of the business plan that was presented to investors by signing a part of the capital increase in option. Personally I think that the performance of the stock in recent weeks does not adequately express the development of the business that is proceeding according to its plan and forecasts already shared with the market.” On October 5th, the shareholders’ meeting resolved to issue a maximum of 2,041,666 new warrants called Clabo Warrant 2018-2021, to be assigned free of charge to subscribers of the Option Increase in the ratio of one warrant for each share subscribed, as well as an increase in the payable share capital for a maximum of 4,226,248.62 euros and for the issue of new warrants, by issuing a maximum of 1,020,833 ordinary shares without nominal value. The new warrants will be assigned free of charge to the subscribers of the new shares as part of the option increase and will be dematerialised and freely transferable. Each new warrant will give the right to subscribe to the newly issued shares of the company resulting from the relative capital increase, at the ratio of 1 conversion share for every 2 new warrants presented for the year. The New Warrants may be exercised at the exercise price of 3 euros for the first period of the year, 3.60 euros for the second period of the year and 4.14 euros for the third period of the year. Finally, the company informs that it will be present at the AIM Investor Day organised by IR Top on November 27th at Palazzo Mezzanotte, at Borsa Italiana in Milan