MILAN ( – First orders from Starbucks Asia for Clabo. The company will provide for windows to be installed in the new cafeteria inside Ho Chi Min City airport (Vietnam) and in a newly opened café in Hong Kong. Delivery is scheduled for January 2019. Through the Chinese subsidiary ‘Easy Best’, Clabo will start working with the Asian branch of the US chain of coffee shops. “We start this new collaboration with Starbucks with great pride for being chosen as a partner by the largest chain of coffee shops in the world – comments Clabo’s Executive Chairman, Pierluigi Bocchini – The Asian and North American continents are currently the areas that are guaranteeing the most sustained sales growth rates for our group. This shows that the investments made to acquire Easy Best and HMC have gone in the right direction to bring production closer to sales markets, allowing us to lower logistics costs, dealing with the problems of customs duties and eliminating currency risk.”