MILANO ( – Alea Energia, a subsidiary of Elettra Investimenti, has taken over control of Novagreen, a company specialising in the construction and operation of micro-cogeneration plants, a vertical brand leader in the ‘structural energy saving for sports centres’ segment, equipped with a scalable and recurring business model. Alea Energia completed the transaction with the acquisition of 36.36% of the share capital of Novagreen from the founders Solerea and Leve and the contextual reserved capital increase, for an investment of € 620,000. At the end of the transaction, the subsidiary of Elettra Investimenti owns 65% of Novagreen, while Solerea and Leve each hold a share of 17.50%. “The entry into the share capital of Novagreen – comments the President and CEO of Elettra Investimenti, Fabio Massimo Bombacci – has a highly strategic value for the Elettra Group, as it allows us to acquire specialist skills in the construction and operation of cogeneration plants in the band 20/200 kW – but also thanks to the management of company shares and operational activities, in leading roles, by current shareholders and managers. In this way, the Elettra Group expands and strengthens its commercial offer to the entire SME segment: we believe that micro-cogeneration is today a very interesting option not only for targeted sports centres – where Novagreen features a brand, a business model and a specialised know-how of absolute importance – but also to all small cap businesses interested in actively managing their energy bills. The model could, however, soon be extended to retail structures, such as condominiums, if the Italian legislation were to be aligned with the European one, which allows the use of electricity to be generated by distributed systems and by multiple users.”