MILANO ( – Expert System signed a partnership with Rabobank based on the potential of Cogito. Thanks to the unique combination of semantic analysis, natural language comprehension and specific machine learning algorithms, the Cogito platform is widely used by many large banking and financial companies to understand and process unstructured information with maximum precision, and turn it into usable information. “Managing unstructured information, with particular reference to any type of text content that may be of value to the business, is a crucial issue, especially for financial institutions. – says Alain Biancardi, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Expert System France & Benelux – Artificial intelligence, thanks to its ability to enable a large scale approach to human understanding, it is revolutionising the banking world. We are honoured that Rabobank has chosen Cogito and we are excited to work together to improve the use of unstructured data and information in order to draw out the maximum value.” With the partnership signed with Rabobank in the Netherlands, Expert System continues its international growth and development strategy, adding a new goal for Cogito in the banking sector. The uniqueness and effectiveness of Cogito-based products, adopted by an increasing number of customers in the most relevant market sectors, confirm Expert System as a reference point for the digital transformation of business processes based on artificial intelligence.