MILANO ( – MailUp has completed the acquisition of the entire capital of Datatrics B.V., a Dutch company founded in 2012 and owner of a predictive marketing platform able to make scientific data accessible to marketers. The transaction was completed through the acquisition of 100% of the capital of Datatrics through the sale, by BMC Holding B.V., of a total of 999 shares for a total consideration of 3,802,698.11 euros, to be settled: for a total of 2,244,888.00 euros, payments for the purchase and sale of 590 Datatrics shares, equal to 59.06% of the share capital; for a total of 1,557,810.11 euros, through the transfer of the remaining 409 Datatrics shares, equal to 40.94% of the share capital, to release a share capital increase of the same amount, subject to payment and excluding an option right, reserved to BMC, through the issue of 657,859 new MailUp shares without indication of the nominal value expressed at the subscription price of € 2,368 each. The Board of Directors also approved a further increase in the share capital of MailUp to service the agreed earn-out and, in particular, an increase in share capital payable and in part, with the exclusion of an option right, to be released in cash against the compensation/remission of the earn-out debt actually due, for a maximum amount of 3,000,000.00 euros, including the share premium, through the issue of a maximum of 1,266,891 new shares without indication of the nominal value expressed at the subscription price of Euro 2,368 each and therefore at the same subscription price of the capital increase in nature. The closing of the transaction – completed at the same time in Italy and the Netherlands – among other things envisaged, upon transfer of all the Datatrics shares, the payment of the first tranche valid for the sale, equal to Euro 748,296.00, in addition to the stipulation of the conferment deed before the Italian notary. BMC has fully subscribed and released the capital increase in nature for this, through the contribution to the company of the participation subject to the transfer, therefore holding a stake in the issuer equal to 4.4% of the share capital of MailUp.