MILANO ( – Target price pari a 3,16 e giudizio OUTPERFORM per MailUp. EnVent ha aggiornato le stime 2016-2018 sulla società, in seguito alla pubblicazione del bilancio 2015 e prendendo in considerazione la variazione del perimetro di business SMS e la solida crescita organica del business e-mail.

Commentano gli analisti: “We updated our 2016-2018 assumptions taking in consideration the change in the scope of the SMS business and the solid organic growth of the e-mail business. Through the acquisitions, MailUp has now reached a size that would allow economies of scale and strong cash flow generation. We believe that according to the recent performance and the expected turnover growth, MailUp should be able to deliver operating margins and cash flows consistent with market multiples over the present level. Following our estimates revision, our analysis yields a target price of €3.16 per share and we confirm our OUTPERFORM recommendation on the stock.”