MILANO ( – SCM SIM have announced that up to a maximum of 163,704 new ordinary shares of the company will be issued as part of the Option Increment of 3 new shares for every 35 held, with the same characteristics as those in circulation, with regular enjoyment, at a price of 7.15 euros per new share. The release date of the related option rights is January 7th; the option rights must be exercised in the period established between 7th and 24th January 2019 and will be negotiable on AIM Italia from 7th to 18th January 2019 inclusive. The company have also announced that it has received from the majority shareholder HPS Holding Partecipazioni Societarie a formal waiver of the exercise of the option right. Furthermore, on December 24th, the company received a payment of €143,000 – from a third party, not a related party – for the future capital increase that will be settled after the exercise of the option right and the right of preemption by shareholders, if the residual is unexercised.