MILAN ( – The total value exchanged during the week is € 46.3 million; 28 positive shares with an average of + 2.68%. The FTSE AIM Italia reached -1.80%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All posted a performance of -1.58%. The 5 best performances of the week: Circle: 7.43% (CMG Euro 14.408) Sciuker Frames: 6.95% (CMG Euro 11.421) Renergetica: 5.71% (CMG Euro 22.542) Vimi Fasteners: 5.25% (CMG Euro 20.586) Health Italia: 5.06% (CMG Euro 164.090) Sector Performance – Healthcare: -0.1% (CMG Euro 36.890) Industrial: -0.7% (CMG Euro 46.181) Finance: -0.9% (CMG Euro 76.498) Technology: -1.0% (CMG Euro 48.943) Services: -1.3% (CMG Euro 21.245) Chemical: -1.6% (CMG Euro 5.256.107) Fashion and Luxury: -2.2% (CMG Euro 3,894) Telecommunications: -2.3% (CMG Euro 28.405) Media: -2.4% (CMG Euro 15.531) Food: -2.6% (CMG Euro 35.744) Energy and Renewable Energies: -4.8 % (CMG Euro 82.309) * Sector classification by IR TOP Osservatorio ( The main News of the week AIM INVESTOR DAY: ESG criteria, institutional investors side by side Meeting on the 27th November with the fifth edition of the AIM Investor Day by IR TOP Consulting, which will take place at Palazzo Mezzanotte. During the day of presentations and comparisons between the companies of AIM, starting at 17.00, there will be a round table that will feature a number of institutional investors. At the centre of the debate will be: ‘SRI Investment strategies and ESG criterias’. Speakers for CANDRIAM, Matthieu David, Head of Italian Branch, for BANCA FINNAT Alberto Alfiero, Vice Director General, for BANOR Angelo Meda, Head of Equities, for EQUITA GROUP Andrea Vismara, Chief Executive Officer, for ETICA SGR Francesca Colombo, Head of ESG Analysis and Research, for VALEUR ASSET MANAGEMENT Alida Carcano, Managing Partner, for BORSA ITALIANA LSEG Alessandra Franzosi, Head of Pension Funds & Asset Owners and for PMI CAPITAL Anna Lambiase, CEO & Founder. For registrations: +390245473884 – The Le Fonti Award given to IR Top- Advisory IPO AIM 2018 IR Top Consulting has received the 2018 Le Fonti Award for the category ‘Advisory IPO AIM Italia’. “We are honoured to receive this recognition attesting to the professionalism of our company, which has always been committed to providing advice on the capital markets and rewards our role as advisor for the listing of SMEs on AIM Italia. – comments Anna Lambiase, Managing Director of IR Top Consulting – We have believed in this market since its origins and we are aware that the potential for development will always be greater alongside entrepreneurs. This award marks the continuous growth path that, since its birth in 2001, IR Top Consulting is facing every day and that represents for us an incentive to keep doing better.” This is the motivation for recognition: “Being the financial advisory of reference for numerous listing operations on the AIM Italia market, promoter of a research department and a dedicated platform. For the authoritativeness and expertise that have made them interlocutor of the Government for the recent tax credit measure for the listing of SMEs.” Clabo: 2019-20 agreement in Brazil with ‘Mio Sogno di Gelato’ Clabo, heir to an industrial tradition founded in 1958 and international leader in the sector of furniture for the restaurant industry, specialises in production and marketing of professional display windows for ice-cream parlors, confectioners, bars, cafes as well as, thanks to the acquisition of HMC, for convenience and variety stores. Clabo, through its subsidiary Clabo Brasil Comercio De Balcoes De Refrigeracao, has signed an agreement for the supply of ice cream shop windows to the Brazilian chain ‘Mio Sogno di Gelato’. The Brazilian operator’s development plan includes 10 points of sale in 2019 and another 15 in 2020. The first tranche of the order, already confirmed, consists of 10 KT24 ‘top of the range’ models with a value of 750.000 Real (about 190.000 Euro) for the new ice-cream parlors in the area of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. “The agreement with Mio Sogno di Gelato – explains Clabo’s Executive Chairman, Pierluigi Bocchini – confirms that to be competitive outside Europe you need to be present locally with a direct organisation able to provide those services that a normal distributor wouldn’t be able to perform efficiently. Clabo has, for a long time, chosen this path and the results in terms of sales are proving it: this year the group’s turnover will grow by more than 25% on an annual basis, in line with our business plan. Regarding the capital increase in progress, I can only say that the resolution is valid until July 31st, 2019 and then we will make our conclusions. Should we have additional resources available, we could accelerate the progress of those investments envisaged in our business plan and achieve the objectives in advance of what was planned, while maintaining a balanced leverage ratio.” Prismi: outlook 2018, production value between € 21.7 and € 22.7 million PRISMI is a leading company in the digital marketing sector, active since 2007, currently operates through group companies in Italy and Switzerland, with 7 offices, more than 300 employees, including trade, and is a leader in digital transformation. The Board of Directors of Prismi have reviewed the forecast data relating to the Value of Production and consolidated EBITDA for 2018. The company expects to close the year with a consolidated Production Value between Euro 21, 7 and 22.7 million (15 million euros in 2017, with growth between 45% and 51%) and a consolidated EBITDA margin of between 15% and 18% (6.3% in 2017, between 138% and 186% in growth). The outlook for 2018 was prepared in accordance with IAS/IFRS international accounting standards. The Board of Directors also decided to proceed with the allocation of the unexecuted parts to third parties, equal to a maximum amount of Euro 1,740,031.24, deriving from the capital increase resolved on February 27th, for the period between November 26th and December 19th. The shares will be placed at a price of Euro 2.40 each. For the maximum 725,013 shares that will be issued, the ‘PRISMI 2018-2020 Warrants’ will also be combined, to the ratio of 1 warrant for each share subscribed. Notorious Pictures: 2 movie right purchases at American Film Market in LA Notorious Pictures, an independent company established in July 2012 based in Rome, working in the production, acquisition and marketing of film rights (full rights) through all distribution channels (cinema, home video, pay TV and free TV, new media). Notorious Pictures has acquired the exclusive rights of 2 new films presented during the American Film Market in Los Angeles: Al Capone, directed by Tom Hardy, and Syncronic, directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. “The two new films acquired at the American Film Market, the annual reference event for the film industry ‘Made in the USA’, – Guglielmo Marchetti, Notorious Pictures President and CEO – are characterised by a strong artistic value as well as by the commercial appeal, with titles that will attract the public and strengthen the company’s competitive position in film distribution.” ICF Group, Nextam at 10.8% of the capital Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. is a reference operator in the design, production and marketing of high-tech adhesives and fabrics mainly for the following markets: footwear and leather goods, automotive and packaging. ICF Group has made it known that Nextam Partners SGR have made an announcement saying it holds 813,335 ordinary shares as of November 22nd, equal to 10.8% of the share capital with voting rights, for which it exercises discretionally the right to vote. Nextam has specified that it holds 724,433 ordinary shares of the share capital with voting rights of ICF Group, for which it will not exercise the right to vote discretionally. To Prismi 30% of Two Leaders PRISMI is a leading company in the digital marketing sector, active since 2007, currently operates through group companies in Italy and Switzerland, with 7 offices, more than 300 employees, including trade, and is a leader in digital transformation. Prismi has acquired a minority share, equal to 30%, from the majority shareholder of Two Leaders. The transaction provides for the possibility for Prismi to exercise, by 31.12.2019, a call option to acquire a further 21% stake. The acquisition enables Prismi to explore the barter world by offering its customers the opportunity to invest in digital with an exchange mechanism and, at the same time, allowing Two Leaders customers, including foreign, to access what the Prismi Group is offering using the same exchange mechanism. “A company defined as innovative, such as ourselves – comments the CEO of PRISMI Alessandro Reggiani – is approaching with interest new commercial channels that, although active for years, are experiencing a moment of sustained expansion that we intend to explore.” Enertronica: Board of Directors approve the Half-Year Report and the Business Plan 2019-2022 Enertronica, a company founded in 2005, operates in the renewable energy, energy saving (ESCo) sector and in the design and production of electromechanical systems. In the first half of the year the Production Value contracted to Euro 26.2 million (Euro 45.4 million in the first half of 2017). EBITDA is negative with Euro 3.5 million (positive with Euro 6.4 million in the first half of 2017). The net result was at a loss with € 6.9 million compared to a net profit of € 2.8 million in the first half 2017. The NFP increased to € 25.3 million, mainly following the issue of the new convertible bond loan in the period between the two half-yearly periods. The negative results of the six-monthly consolidation were mainly influenced by the performance of the construction contract in Nevada, which resulted in a loss of approximately € 3.5 million; the plant has been in full production since the spring of 2018 and will not result in further losses in the future years relating to construction activities. Another negative effect derived from the ownership of Enertronica Panama, where there was a loss of approximately € 1.5 million associated with the start-up phase of the activities in the country and a series of unfavourable events that have affected the construction of a 7 MW photovoltaic field. It is estimated that these losses will be recovered in the coming months, also thanks to long-term maintenance contracts already signed. In addition, the cancellation of the construction contract in Spain of about 120 MW will have a big impact on the turnover reduction – estimated at Euro 14 million – and should, in the expectations, fall within 2018. The Board also approved the investment agreement with Carraro and the subscription, by the latter, of an increase in share capital through contribution in kind with exclusion of the option right. The investment agreement envisages that Carraro will subscribe to a reserved capital increase of Enertronica SpA for Euro 4.1 million, conferring a 49% stake in Elettronica Santerno and also envisages Enertronica’s commitment to proceed with the Merger by incorporation of Elettronica Santerno into Enertronica SpA. THE AIM COMPANIES: 4AIM SICAF: 0,00% Abitare In: -2,73% Agatos: -2,29% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: -8,25% Alkemy: -1,16% Alp.I: 0,82% Ambromobiliare: -0,26% Archimede: 0,00% Askoll EVA: 1,67% Assiteca: -1,69% axélero: sosp. BioDue: 0,00% Bio-on: -1,62% Blue Financial Communication: -3,96% Bomi Italia: -0,86% Caleido Group: 0,00% Capital For Progress 2: -3,19% Casta Diva Group: -1,04% CdR Advance Capital: -6,41% Cellularline: 3,92% CFT: 0,00% Circle: 7,43% Clabo: -7,51% Costamp Group: 0,57% Cover 50: -2,20% Culti Milano: -3,13% DBA Group: -1,80% DHH: -1,87% Digital Magics: 0,31% Digital Value: 4,17% Digital360: 1,75% DigiTouch: -0,38% Ecosuntek: -4,11% Ediliziacrobatica: 2,10% Elettra Investimenti: -2,06% Energica Motor Company: 0,00% Energy Lab: sosp. Enertronica: -16,59% EPS Equita PEP 2: -1,05% Esautomotion: 2,90% Expert System: 1,67% Fervi: 0,00% Fine Foods NTM: -0,56% Finlogic: -2,21% Fintel Energia Group: -18,75% First Capital: 0,00% FOPE: 0,00% Frendy Energy: -9,22% Gabelli Value For Italy: -1,57% Gambero Rosso: -3,46% Gel: 0,00% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: -1,27% GO Internet: 0,00% GPI: -3,08% Grifal: 0,21% Gruppo Green Power: 1,48% Health Italia: 5,06% H-FARM: 2,63% Icf Group: 1,66% IdeaMI: -0,82% Illa: -6,92% Imvest: 2,15% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: -0,84% Iniziative Bresciane: 0,00% Innovatec: -5,91% Intred: -4,59% Italia Independent Group: -4,32% Italian Wine Brands: -8,23% Ki Group: -7,26% Kolinpharma: -1,37% Leone Film Group: -2,13% Life Care Capital: -0,85% Longino & Cardenal: 2,77% Lucisano Media Group: -1,90% MailUp: -0,41% Masi Agricola: -1,63% Mondo TV France: -8,08% Mondo TV Suisse: 1,92% Monnalisa: -3,20% Neodecortech: -4,48% Net Insurance: 3,70% Neurosoft: -13,53% Notorious Pictures: 0,28% Orsero: 1,16% Pharmanutra: -0,33% PLT Energia: -1,45% Poligrafici Printing: 0,00% Portale Sardegna: 0,00% Portobello: -2,68% Prismi: -0,41% Renergetica: 5,71% Rosetti Marino: 0,00% S.M.R.E.: -1,23% Safe Bag: -1,14% Sciuker Frames: 6,95% SCM SIM: 0,00% SG Company: 2,01% SIT: -5,81% SITI B&T Group: -2,34% Softec: 4,36% Somec: -3,00% -0,95% Spactiv: 0,00% Spaxs: -6,46% Sprintitaly: -0,42% Telesia: -10,07% TheSpac: -2,79% TPS: -2,02% Vei 1: -1,27% Vetrya: -4,47% Vimi Fasteners: 5,25% Visibilia Editore: -8,89% WIIT: -9,44% WM Capital: 0,32%