MILAN ( – The total value exchanged during the week is equal to 33.5 million euros; 20 positive shares with an average of + 1.91%. The FTSE AIM Italy scored -1.57%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All posted a performance of -3.38%. The 5 best performances of the week: 8.75% (CMG Euro 7.792) Circle: 6.15% (CMG Euro 100.751) DigiTouch: 3.57% (CMG Euro 8.277) Bio-on: 2.92% (CMG Euro 3,548,922) Safe Bag: 2.75% (CMG Euro 55.335) At sector level * the Chemistry sector recorded the best performance of the week (+ 2.9% on average). Chemical Sector Performance: 2.9% (CMG Euro 3.548.922) Telecommunications: -0.4% (CMG Euro 19.292) Technology: -1.1% (CMG Euro 32.791) Services: -1.6% (CMG Euro 23.205 ) Finance: -1.9% (CMG Euro 67.949) Healthcare: -2.4% (CMG Euro 20.876) Fashion and Luxury: -3.5% (CMG Euro 13.929) Food: -3.5% (CMG Euro 73.096 ) Renewable Energy and Energy: -3.7% (CMG Euro 9.231) Media: -4.6% (CMG Euro 17.965) Industry: -4.7% (CMG Euro 25.561) * Sector classification by the IR TOP Osservatorio ( The main News of the week Lambiase (IR TOP Consulting): AIM market for growth, favours aggregations On the day of the AIM Conference in London, in which 25 companies present themselves to British investors through one-to-one meetings, it has emerged how AIM Italia resists volatility more than the main listings . To determine this capacity a set of characteristics has been illustrated in an article written in the Sole24Ore by Lucilla Incorvati, which focuses on analysing the typicality of the list dedicated to exceptional SMEs with a desire for growth. “In a quarterly comparison Aim Italia fell by 6%, compared to a – 11% of Midex and a – 14% of Mib – and this has happened because it is a market mainly made up of institutional investors, decidedly more uncorrelated to the cycle – points out Anna Lambiase, CEO of IRTop Consulting – Those who invest in these companies do not buy and sell, but tend to remain in the segment until the realisation of the industrial plan has been carried out, and which was announced during the IPO phase. For this reason AIM is not a market for a reactive public: we need awareness, information and above all knowledge of industrial dynamics also because we are exposed to higher risk, more typical of small caps.” AIM is a training gym to get closer to the capital market. “Being a market for growth, it is in the DNA of AIM to favour, when the requirements are met, (a capitalization of at least 40 million and a float of 25% or 35% depending on the case) to pass on to the MTA or Star markets – adds Lambiase – and this is what some some companies have done with obvious effects on shares. An example of all this is Piteco, that passed a few weeks ago onto the MTA. Also, I would like to emphasise another feature of AIM; the element of aggregation, influential to the growth of societies. One example is Costamp Group, which is nothing more than the result of a reverse takeover, therefore of an aggregation born out of listing on AIM, aimed at growth.” Circle: +6.15% on the first day of trading Established in Genoa in June 2012, Circle is a management consulting firm with distinctive vertical expertise in the port and intermodal logistics sector specialising in process analysis and solution development of automation, and for the digitalisation of the Supply Chain. Circle, an innovative SME, debuted on AIM Italia recording the best performance of the day: +6.15 percent. It is the 28th company to be admitted to the list dedicated to excellent SMEs since the beginning of 2018, bringing the number of companies listed on AIM Italia to 112. Circle raised 1.5 million euros in the placement phase. The free float at the time of admission is 20.2%, with a capitalization of approximately 7.6 million euro. The IPO is mainly aimed at growth on foreign and external markets, as well as expanding the range of products and services. To support the company, in the role of financial advisor, are IR Top Consulting and Emintad Italia. The company is also assisted by Integrae SIM, as NomAd, Global Coordinator and Specialist; LCA Studio Legale, as legal advisor; BDO Italia, as auditing company; Studio Palma, as a tax consultant. Clabo: orders from Starbucks Asia for Vietnam and Hong Kong Clabo, heir to an industrial tradition founded in 1958 and an international leader in the catering furnishings sector, specialises in the production and marketing of professional display cases for ice-cream parlors, patisseries, bars, cafes as well as, thanks to the acquisition of HMC, for convenience and variety stores. First orders from Starbucks Asia for Clabo. The company will provide for windows to be installed in the new cafeteria inside Ho Chi Min City airport (Vietnam) and in a newly opened café in Hong Kong. Delivery is scheduled for January 2019. Through the Chinese subsidiary ‘Easy Best’, Clabo will start working with the Asian branch of the US chain of coffee shops. “We start this new collaboration with Starbucks with great pride for being chosen as a partner by the largest chain of coffee shops in the world – comments Clabo’s Executive Chairman, Pierluigi Bocchini – The Asian and North American continents are currently the areas that are guaranteeing the most sustained sales growth rates for our group. This shows that the investments made to acquire Easy Best and HMC have gone in the right direction to bring production closer to sales markets, allowing us to lower logistics costs, dealing with the problems of customs duties and eliminating currency risk.” Portale Sardegna: at the start of 2 projects for lengthening the tourist season Portale Sardegna is an Online Travel Agency (OTA) founded in 2001 with the aim of promoting the tourism potential of Sardinia and in a few years has become a consolidated player in the online tourism market. Great success for the III edition of the MEET forum (Mediterranean European Economic Tourism Forum) promoted by Portale Sardegna. The event was attended by over 200 experts at international level including representatives of local communities, operators, financial intermediaries, air and naval carriers. Unicredit was the main sponsor of the event. At the centre of the discussion are the crucial themes of tourism development for the Mediterranean areas: Ports and Airports as territorial Hubs of tourism development, Benchmark Destination, New Tourist Sites for New Seasons. A summary of the discussions was illustrated during the Final Conference which hosted the ‘Grande Laboratorio del Turismo’, in which sector operators had the opportunity to discuss the industry and make comparisons with each other. “We are extremely satisfied with the success of the MEET Forum which gives a great opportunity for operators and institutions to compare tourism-related development projects that, in the 18 seminars organised, showed how strong the interest is in these issues and above all the need of the various organisms of the tourism system to make comparisons according to new models under proposal during the event – commented Massimiliano Cossu, Managing Director of Portale Sardegna – On this occasion we also presented the structured projects with which Portale Sardegna intends to carry out with great determination an overall strategy for the lengthening of the tourist season – SARDINIAN ISLAND LONG STAY WINTER and OPEN VOUCHER EXPERIENCES – exploiting our strengths built with the acquisition of RTJ that also represents a continuously growing percentage of foreign customers and technological assets managed entirely in house.” The first project, SARDINIAN ISLAND LONG STAY WINTER, offers tourists, in particular from central and northern Europe, who decide to stay for a long holiday in Sardinia, a series of initiatives and services ranging from multilingual listening points to experiential and social initiatives (weekly teaching cycles on languages, cooking, environmental and tourist topics, etc), from health assistance to car rental and, at the end of the period of stay, a citizenship certificate. This new way of experiencing a holiday offers tourists the opportunity to integrate with the community. The initiative foresees a total involvement of 4 pilot municipalities (Posada, Bitti, Nuoro and Galtellì) and the establishment by 30th November of an Intermunicipal control centre. Starting in April, marketing activities will be launched, so as to present the operating service as a pilot in September 2019. OPEN VOUCHER EXPERIENCES, on the other hand, assumes that for the development of tourism in seasons other than for seaside, it is necessary to identify seasonally adjusted attractions. Experiential tourism is an opportunity that the island must take to lengthen the tourist season. Open Voucher Experiences is the only integrated solution to fully exploit the particularities of experiential tourism. Portale Sardegna has catalogued the tourist experiences in the territory, organised and classified them according to themes, building around them a traveling, self-made and modular product composed of accommodation and means of transport able to make Sardinia an attractive destination for most of the year. The most important innovations are high-intensity concepts such as ‘open source travel’, the first example structured in this way, where anyone can propose ways of populating the portal’s proposals in exchange for revenue sharing, rather than accommodation reviews, instead all the experiences that can be bought by another user according to more and more popular trends within sharing economy. Finally, an app that will follow the user in the destination through proximity marketing during a proposed activity. The Open Voucher will start on December 15th 2018. Bomi Italia wins Logistics of the Year 2018 with Bo-Green Bomi Italia is the holding company of the Bomi Group, a leader in the biomedical logistics sector and in the management of highly technological products for the protection of health. The Company is among the first to have obtained the ‘Elite’ certificate from Borsa Italiana. Bomi Italia has won the award ‘Logistics of the Year’, now in its 14th edition, which was created and organised by Assologistica, Assologistica Cultura e Formazione and by the monthly Euromerci with the aim of highlighting businesses and managers who have made innovation the strong point of their operations. The recognition is for the BO-GREEN project, conceived and realised in collaboration with an important client in the dialysis field to implement an all-round sustainability plan that generates real value along the entire Health Supply Chain, involving all stakeholders and bringing benefit to the final consumer of the service, the patient in home therapy. For Bomi Italia it represents the first pilot project in the field of sustainability and rests on the following pillars: the organisation’s commitment; emission reduction; enhancement of the service offered. THE AIM COMPANIES: 4AIM SICAF: -7,78% Abitare In: -3,42% Agatos: -10,42% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: -10,20% Alkemy: -2,29% Alp.I: -0,21% Ambromobiliare: -0,28% Archimede: 1,10% Askoll EVA: -6,25% Assiteca: -1,32% axélero: sosp. BioDue: 1,57% Bio-on: 2,92% Blue Financial Communication: 0,00% Bomi Italia: -7,57% Caleido Group: 0,00% Capital For Progress 2: -2,13% Casta Diva Group: -6,55% CdR Advance Capital: -4,26% Cellularline: -0,62% CFT: -4,60% Circle: 6,15% Clabo: -18,09% Costamp Group: 0,00% Cover 50: -2,08% Culti Milano: 0,00% DBA Group: -9,43% DHH: -5,13% Digital Magics: 0,32% Digital360: -8,06% DigiTouch: 3,57% Ecosuntek: 0,00% Elettra Investimenti: -4,54% Energica Motor Company: -17,96% Energy Lab: sosp. Enertronica: 0,00% EPS Equita PEP 2: 1,60% Esautomotion: -1,50% Expert System: -4,53% Fervi: 2,40% Fine Foods NTM: -1,53% Finlogic: -1,12% Fintel Energia Group: 0,00% First Capital: -2,91% FOPE: -4,72% Frendy Energy: -4,96% Gabelli Value For Italy: -1,15% Gambero Rosso: -1,53% Gel: -5,80% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: 0,00% GO Internet: -1,11% GPI: 1,00% Grifal: -21,51% Gruppo Green Power: -5,14% Health Italia: -0,76% H-FARM: -19,41% Icf Group: -4,94% IdeaMI: 0,21% Illa: -1,66% Imvest: -2,95% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: -1,26% Iniziative Bresciane: -1,52% Innovatec: -11,54% Intred: 0,34% Italia Independent Group: -4,26% Italian Wine Brands: -3,91% Ki Group: -2,17% Kolinpharma: -5,06% Leone Film Group: -6,50% Life Care Capital: -1,16% Longino & Cardenal: -1,10% Lucisano Media Group: -14,81% MailUp: -0,81% Masi Agricola: -9,56% Mondo TV France: -2,08% Mondo TV Suisse: -0,87% Monnalisa: -6,61% Neodecortech: -6,79% Net Insurance: 0,00% Neurosoft: -0,68% Notorious Pictures: 0,00% Orsero: -1,00% Pharmanutra: -3,82% PLT Energia: -1,45% Poligrafici Printing: 0,00% Portale Sardegna: 0,00% Portobello: -15,43% Prismi: -0,44% Renergetica: -1,38% Rosetti Marino: 0,00% S.M.R.E.: 1,03% Safe Bag: 2,75% Sciuker Frames: -0,68% SCM SIM: 0,59% SG Company: -1,18% SIT: -6,78% SITI B&T Group: 0,37% Softec: 0,00% Somec: -2,15% 8,75% Spactiv: 0,42% Spaxs: 0,00% Sprintitaly: 0,00% Telesia: -3,41% TheSpac: 1,06% TPS: 1,78% Vei 1: -2,07% Vetrya: 0,31% Vimi Fasteners: -0,31% Visibilia Editore: -11,86% WIIT: -3,54% WM Capital: -6,74%