MILAN ( – The total value exchanged during the week is € 80.7 million; 42 positive shares with an average of + 4.05%. The FTSE AIM Italia scored + 1.40%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All recorded a performance of -0.01%. The 5 best performances of the week: Agatos: 15.00% (CMG Euro 52.417) Bio-on: 14.46% (CMG Euro 11.139.374) Grifal: 12.22% (CMG Euro 232.609) First Capital: 10.00 % (CMG Euro 20,566) Costamp Group: 9,09% (CMG Euro 20,700) At sector level * the best performance of the week was recorded by the Chemical sector (+ 14.5% on average), followed by the Telecommunications sector (+ 1.7%) and the Renewable Energy and Energy sector (+ 0.8%). Chemical Sector Performance: 14.5% (CMG Euro 11.139.374) Telecommunications: 1.7% (CMG Euro 22.421) Renewable Energy and Energy: 0.8% (CMG Euro 13.857) Industry: 0.8% (CMG Euro 55.273 ) Finance: 0.6% (CMG Euro 116.126) Services: 0.4% (CMG Euro 19.334) Fashion and Luxury: -0.2% (CMG Euro 4.438) Healthcare: -0.5% (CMG Euro 25.013) Technology : -0.7% (CMG Euro 31.095) Media: -1.7% (CMG Euro 35.782) Food: -2.7% (CMG Euro 40.985) * Sector classification by the IR TOP Osservatorio (www.pmicapital. it) The main News of the week AIM INVESTOR DAY 2018 ‘AIM Investor Day’, 5th edition of the institutional roadshow organised and managed by the IPO Advisory company IR Top Consulting with the support of Borsa Italiana, will be held on 27th November 2018, from 9.00 am in Milan at Palazzo Mezzanotte. The SMEs listed on the AIM Italia market, which counts over 110 listed companies and represents the preferred channel for financing growth, will present, in the course of the morning, business models, strategies and general outlook to the audience of Institutional Investors, both Italian and foreign, and Family Office . The event has a limited number and is reserved for Institutional Investors, listed and quoted companies, and the Press. For registrations: +390245473884 – Renergetica: agreement with Total Solar Latin America for 3 plants of 16.41 MWp in Chile Renergetica, established in Genoa in 2008 and an innovative SME since October 2016, operates in the renewable energy sector as Developer, IPP and engineering company, covering all the activities of the value chain excluding the EPC. Renergetica, through its subsidiary RSM Chile, has concluded a sale with Total Solar Latin America for the construction of 3 photovoltaic plants. With the conclusion of this agreement and the sale of this new cluster, a total of 40 MWp of installed power will be sold mainly in Chile. The plants, for a total installed capacity of 16.41 MWp, will be built in the Municipality of San Pedro de Melipilla. on an area of 31 hectares and with an estimated annual production of around 31GWh. Given its proximity to the capital Santiago de Chile, the Municipality of San Pedro de Melipilla is located in a region with high energy consumption and with a grid that guarantees the total absorption of energy produced by the plants, qualified as PMGD (Pequenos Medio de Generacion Distribuita) and gives the advantage of being able to sell the entire production of energy in the network at a stable price, defined by the local authority and updated every six months. Bomi Italia obtains the ‘Sustainable Logistics’ brand Bomi Italia is the holding company of the Bomi Group, a leader in the biomedical logistics sector and in the management of high-tech products for the protection of health. The company is among the first to have obtained the ‘Elite’ certificate from
Borsa Italiana. During the ‘ECOMONDO’ trade show in Rimini, where the validation process – the Sustainable Logistics Protocol – started about a year ago was completed, Bomi Italia received the ‘Sustainable Logistics’ brand. Bomi is the first logistics company in the Healthcare sector to obtain the brand. Alongside Bomi was Fresenius Medical Care, a long-term client and leader in the dialysis sector, a company that has always been committed to sustainability with technical and constructive solutions related to medical devices and their life cycle. Bomi Group and Fresenius will transfer, in the course of 2019, the principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability throughout the Health Supply Chain with the aim of bringing a real value to the final customer, the patient. In 2017 the Bomi Group joined SOS-LOG, the first association for sustainable logistics, fully embracing the concept that Sustainability does not only deal with the reduction of harmful emissions into the environment, but represents a “triple bottom line” of values and environmental objectives, as well as social and economic. In light of this, the Bomi Group decided to adopt the Sustainable Logistics Protocol, a technical document born out of the experience of the certification body ‘Lloyd’s Register LRQA’ in collaboration with SOS-LOG. A path that lasted about 10 months. Expert System: agreement with Rabobank for Cogito Expert System, leader in the cognitive computing and text analytics market, offers the most innovative artificial intelligence solutions for process automation and information management. Expert System signed a partnership with Rabobank based on the potential of Cogito. Thanks to the unique combination of semantic analysis, natural language comprehension and specific machine learning algorithms, the Cogito platform is widely used by many large banking and financial companies to understand and process unstructured information with maximum precision, and turn it into usable information. With the partnership signed with Rabobank in the Netherlands, Expert System continues its international growth and development strategy, adding a new goal for Cogito in the banking sector. The uniqueness and effectiveness of Cogito-based products, adopted by an increasing number of customers in the most relevant market sectors, confirm Expert System as a reference point for the digital transformation of business processes based on artificial intelligence. Elettra Investimenti acquire 70% of Lighting Venice Port Elettra Investimenti, an industrial holding company operating in Italy in the sector of electricity and heat production according to the Distributed Generation approach (mainly cogeneration and trigeneration plants) and in energy efficiency. Elettra Investimenti, through the investment company Alea Energia, purchased from Ladurner 70% of the share capital of Lighting Venice Port and an equal percentage of the receivables by Ladurner towards LVP by way of repayment of shareholders’ loans, totaling 900,000 euros. The price paid is equal to 2,030,000 euro of which (i) 1,400,000 euro for the purchase of a 70% stake in the share capital of LVP and (ii) 630,000 euro for the purchase of an equal amount of receivables claimed by Ladurner against LVP. Secondly, as provided for in the preliminary sales and purchase contract, Alea Energia has appointed FT Energia – controlled by La Finanziaria Trentina – acquiring a 20% stake in the share capital of Lighting Venice Port and a similar percentage of the shareholder loan. Ladurner remains the holder of the remaining 10% of the share capital and the shareholder loan. THE AIM COMPANIES: 4AIM SICAF: 5,11% Abitare In: 0,00% Agatos: 15,00% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: 4,88% Alkemy: -0,19% Alp.I: 1,67% Ambromobiliare: 2,80% Archimede: 0,75% Askoll EVA: 3,23% Assiteca: 7,83% axélero: sosp. BioDue: 0,39% Bio-on: 14,46% Blue Financial Communication: -1,82% Bomi Italia: -6,77% Caleido Group: 0,00% Capital For Progress 2: 0,00% Casta Diva Group: -10,73% CdR Advance Capital: -5,49% Cellularline: -1,86% CFT: 0,00% Circle: -6,74% Clabo: -3,11% Costamp Group: 9,09% Cover 50: -2,83% Culti Milano: -6,30% DBA Group: 0,00% DHH: 0,90% Digital Magics: -2,46% Digital Value: 9,00% Digital360: 5,17% DigiTouch: 0,00% Ecosuntek: -2,00% Elettra Investimenti: -3,43% Energica Motor Company: 2,46% Energy Lab: sosp. Enertronica: sosp. EPS Equita PEP 2: -0,53% Esautomotion: -2,39% Expert System: 1,64% Fervi: 1,92% Fine Foods NTM: -0,51% Finlogic: 7,20% Fintel Energia Group: 0,00% First Capital: 10,00% FOPE: 0,00% Frendy Energy: 6,67% Gabelli Value For Italy: 0,83% Gambero Rosso: -4,94% Gel: 0,29% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: -2,98% GO Internet: -1,48% GPI: 4,17% Grifal: 12,22% Gruppo Green Power: -3,61% Health Italia: 0,38% H-FARM: -1,52% Icf Group: -7,47% IdeaMI: -0,20% Illa: 0,00% Imvest: -4,44% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: -0,83% Iniziative Bresciane: -2,06% Innovatec: -2,53% Intred: 4,81% Italia Independent Group: 5,00% Italian Wine Brands: -5,04% Ki Group: -11,51% Kolinpharma: -2,24% Leone Film Group: -2,92% Life Care Capital: 0,42% Longino & Cardenal: 3,86% Lucisano Media Group: 0,00% MailUp: -2,02% Masi Agricola: -0,56% Mondo TV France: -1,29% Mondo TV Suisse: -2,11% Monnalisa: 0,00% Neodecortech: -2,68% Net Insurance: 0,74% Neurosoft: -6,80% Notorious Pictures: 1,65% Orsero: -0,14% Pharmanutra: 1,28% PLT Energia: 0,36% Poligrafici Printing: 0,00% Portale Sardegna: 1,33% Portobello: -2,76% Prismi: -1,20% Renergetica: -0,42% Rosetti Marino: 0,00% S.M.R.E.: 5,18% Safe Bag: -6,27% Sciuker Frames: 0,00% SCM SIM: -2,35% SG Company: -0,61% SIT: 0,00% SITI B&T Group: 5,66% Softec: 0,00% Somec: -1,23% 2,19% Spactiv: 1,27% Spaxs: 2,59% Sprintitaly: -2,05% Telesia: 2,66% TheSpac: -0,31% TPS: 2,01% Vei 1: 0,84% Vetrya: -0,60% Vimi Fasteners: -1,62% Visibilia Editore: -7,86% WIIT: -8,02% WM Capital: -0,85%