MILAN ( – The total value exchanged during the week is € 39.1 million; 12 positive shares with an average of + 2.05%. The FTSE AIM Italy scored -2.07%. The FTSE Italia PIR PMI All posted a performance of -5.09%. The 5 best performances of the week: WM Capital: 6.85% (CMG 12.697 Euros) Fervi: 4.79% (CMG 9.195 Euros) Capital For Progress 2: 2.11% (CMG 102.578 Euros) Rosetti Marino: 2.03 % (CMG Euro 4.020) Portobello: 1.86% (CMG Euro 8.385) At sector level * the best performance of the week was registered by the Chemical sector (+ 0.6% on average). Chemical Sector Performance: 0.6% (CMG Euro 3.375.265) Finance: -1.5% (CMG Euro 78.798) Telecommunications: -1.7% (CMG Euro 77.968) Services: -3.8% (CMG Euro 29.703 ) Industry: -3.9% (CMG Euro 39.319) Healthcare: -4.2% (CMG Euro 49.115) Renewable Energy and Energy: -4.5% (CMG Euro 20.303) Technology: -4.8% (CMG Euro 48.234) Media: -4.9% (CMG Euro 15.743) Food: -5.3% (CMG Euro 71.132) Fashion and Luxury: -5.9% (CMG Euro 33.008) * Sector classification by the IR TOP Obsservatorio ( The main News of the week AIM Italia returns as protagonist in Il Sole24Ore AIM Italia quotations are back in the Sole24Ore, at the beginning of the Indices & Numbers section. A decision that responds to the solicitations of its readers and of all the operators in the market who have asked for the daily publication of the stock performance with the wish to provide continuous and timely information on all listed companies. In the same direction, with a view to increasingly enhance the market, and orientate the recent partnership between IR Top Consulting and the 24 ORE Group, who have signed an agreement for the joint development of PMI Capital 24, a vertical platform on AIM Italia that exploits their respective skills by providing information for informed investment choices that will be enhanced, thanks to the agreement, also by the ESG data and information. GPI has been awarded a € 5 million tender for Malta GPI, thanks to a cutting-edge technological offer in the field of socio-health informatics and new hi-tech services for health, is able to capture the need for transformation and the innovative influence of its numerous customers in the public and private sectors. GPI has won the tender for the implementation of the Electronic Patient Record system for Primary Health Care for the State of Malta. The total value of the contract amounts to around 5 million euros; the contract duration is 9 years, the first year is for the implementation phase and 8 for the support and maintenance phase. The tender provides for the implementation of the Electronic Health Record for Primary Care which includes and allows the integration in the Maltese territory of 10 hospitals, 60 clinics, 5 specialist centers and 250 General Practitioners, for a total of about 1,000 health professionals. Fausto Manzana, President and CEO: “The awarding of this tender strengthens the presence of the GPI Group in the international market and at the same time differentiates and enhances our capacity to propose our offer abroad. Alongside the automation systems for pharmaceutical logistics and systems for the management of blood transfusion centres, the group is also internationally accredited with patient management software systems.” Digital Magics sells TAG shares: 3.6 million in cash, over 3.2 million in gains Digital Magics is a business incubator for digital projects: it offers consulting and acceleration services to startups and businesses, to facilitate the development of new technological businesses.
Digital Magics sells 20,330 ordinary shares of Talent Garden, corresponding to about 9% of the company’s share capital. Following the sale, Digital Magics holds 21,794 shares of Talent Garden, corresponding to about 10% of the capital. The purchase was concluded by Heroes, a controlling shareholder of Talent Garden, and controlled by the Talent Garden management, including co-founder and CEO Davide Dattoli. The price of the sale is 3,600,000 euros. With the sale, Digital Magics has achieved a capital gain of 3,204,250 euros (equal to over 9 times the cost of the transferred share capital), with an IRR on the operation of 80%. “The transaction, which allows the Talent Garden management to strengthen its stake, represents a step in the strategic value for the Digital Magics business model. – commented Gabriele Ronchini, Founder and CEO of Digital Magics – Moreover, with a stake of around 10%, Digital Magics remains one of the main shareholders of Talent Garden and confirms the fundamental role played by the company, together with Tamburi Investment Partners S.p.A. (in turn, a member of Digital Magics and Talent Garden), has in the value chain designed by Digital Magics in favour of the development of the startup and innovation ecosystem in Italy.” Notorious Pictures, agreement with TaTaTu for 300 film rights Notorious Pictures operates in the production, acquisition and marketing of film rights (full rights) through all distribution channels (cinema, home video, pay TV and free TV, new media). Notorious Pictures signs a two-year agreement with TaTaTu, the innovative social entertainment platform from Avod (advertising video on demand) that represents the third largest operator in the world on a blockchain basis, for the granting of usage rights for 300 cinematographic works. The fee for Notorious will be based on revenue sharing. “We are very satisfied with this agreement that takes on a strategic importance in light of the growing importance that the blockchain market is reaching in the Entertainment sector. – comments Guglielmo Marchetti, Notorious Pictures President and CEO – Being among the first operators able to support such an innovative technology gives us a competitive advantage within a market with extremely important growth potentials.” Bomi Italia: IRTop Research target price at 4.50 euros p.a. IRTop Research has updated its assessment on Bomi Italia, which incorporates the acquisition of Farma Logistica, the changed market conditions (risk-free rate and equity risk premium) and the lowering of multiples. The target price passes from € 4.87 per share to € 4.50 p.a. (with a potential upside of 71%) mainly due to a turnover of 2018-2020 lower than previous estimates. The top-line difference, analysts explain, is mainly linked to the change of assumptions on the exchange rate, particularly on EUR/BRL from 3.9 to 4.5. The new estimates for 2018-2020 forecast an average cut of about 2% for revenues and EBITDA (126.4 million euro for the expected turnover of 2018 with an EBITDA margin of 10%). The expected profitability for 2020 was confirmed at 11.3% with respect to a turnover estimated at € 145.2 million. Also for 2020, IRTop Research expects a group net profit of 6.0 million thanks to the ongoing consolidation of minorities; net financial debt, affected by the significant acquisitions concluded since the beginning of the year (De Salute and Farma Logistica), is estimated to have fallen to € 11.9 million thanks to good cash generation. The Bomi Italia stock, which capitalises around 44 million euro, has a multiple EV/EBITDA 2018 of 5.4x against a median value of 12.3x of the peers considered. THE AIM COMPANIES: 4AIM SICAF: 0,00% Abitare In: -3,43% Agatos: -6,83% Alfio Bardolla Training Group: -13,60% Alkemy: -5,06% Alp.I: 0,00% Ambromobiliare: -6,75% Archimede: 1,83% Askoll EVA: -5,62% Assiteca: -5,33% axélero: sosp. BioDue: -4,60% Bio-on: 0,59% Blue Financial Communication: -9,40% Bomi Italia: -3,75% Caleido Group: 0,00% Capital For Progress 2: 2,11% Casta Diva Group: -9,06% CdR Advance Capital: -4,68% Cellularline: 0,00% CFT: -6,44% Clabo: -16,00% Costamp Group: 0,00% Cover 50: -4,04% Culti Milano: -0,83% DBA Group: 1,18% DHH: -1,68% Digital Magics: -2,43% Digital360: -6,84% DigiTouch: -1,95% Ecosuntek: -5,20% Elettra Investimenti: -2,92% Energica Motor Company: -10,27% Energy Lab: sosp. Enertronica: 0,00% EPS Equita PEP 2: -1,56% Equita Group: -4,93% Esautomotion: -9,68% Expert System: -5,15% Fervi: 4,79% Fine Foods NTM: -1,52% Finlogic: -2,82% Fintel Energia Group: -2,38% First Capital: 0,00% FOPE: -6,72% Frendy Energy: -1,71% Gabelli Value For Italy: -1,52% Gambero Rosso: -13,51% Gel: -4,23% Giorgio Fedon & Figli: -2,25% GO Internet: -1,08% GPI: -7,51% Grifal: -12,46% Gruppo Green Power: -0,80% Health Italia: -2,67% H-FARM: -2,17% Icf Group: -1,93% IdeaMI: -0,41% Illa: 0,00% Imvest: 0,00% Industrial Stars of Italy 3: 0,00% Iniziative Bresciane: -2,56% Innovatec: -17,67% Intred: -2,26% Italia Independent Group: -12,77% Italian Wine Brands: -2,99% Ki Group: -2,78% Kolinpharma: -6,45% Leone Film Group: -4,08% Life Care Capital: -0,53% Longino & Cardenal: -9,23% Lucisano Media Group: -1,36% MailUp: 0,43% Masi Agricola: -7,29% Mondo TV France: -8,24% Mondo TV Suisse: -5,21% Monnalisa: -3,48% Neodecortech: -8,89% Net Insurance: 0,00% Neurosoft: -7,47% Notorious Pictures: -2,95% Orsero: -4,16% Pharmanutra: -0,32% PLT Energia: -9,03% Poligrafici Printing: 1,03% Portale Sardegna: -5,81% Portobello: 1,86% Prismi: -5,00% Renergetica: -5,23% Rosetti Marino: 2,03% S.M.R.E.: -1,67% Safe Bag: -0,83% Sciuker Frames: -7,22% SCM SIM: -4,12% SG Company: -2,77% SIT: -5,78% SITI B&T Group: 0,67% Softec: 0,00% Somec: -3,90% -16,13% Spactiv: -1,04% Spaxs: -1,53% Sprintitaly: -1,23% Telesia: -6,06% TheSpac: -1,07% TPS: -2,44% Vei 1: 1,26% Vetrya: -11,33% Vimi Fasteners: -0,02% Visibilia Editore: -5,70% WIIT: -5,09% WM Capital: 6,85% Zephyro: 0,00%