MILANO ( – Yesterday ended the period for the exercise of option rights relating to the offer to those entitled for a maximum of 1,241,310 new TPS ordinary shares, which derived from the increase in share capital up to a maximum of 4,965,240.00 euros approved by the extraordinary meeting of the company on October 5th. 391,200 rights were exercised and 82,152 new ordinary TPS shares were subscribed for a total value of € 328,608. On the basis of pre-emptive requests received, an additional 1,230 new shares will be allocated, corresponding to 0.099% of the total new shares offered, for a total value of 4,920 euros. Considering the results of the offer, as of today the share capital increase will subscribe 83,382 new shares equal to 6.7% of the offer in option and pre-emption for a total value of € 333,528. As a result of the subscription, the share capital of TPS will be equal to 992,196 euro divided into 5,994,432 ordinary shares with no nominal value. The remaining unexercised shares will be placed directly by the administrative body within the final deadline of December 31st, 2018.