MILANO ( – TPS has proceeded positively with the placement of a capital increase for a maximum of 4,965,240.00 euros, through the issue of a maximum of 1,241,310 ordinary shares, offered as an option to shareholders and approved by the shareholders’ meeting on October 5th. A total of 1,157,928 new TPS shares have been subscribed without indication of the nominal value expressed at the same offer price of € 4.00 each for a total amount of € 4,631,712, and so for a total – including the 83,382 shares already subscribed following the option and pre-emptive procedure – of 1,241,310 TPS shares, equal to 100% of the total value of the increase. The Issuer’s share capital now amounts to € 1,611,160, divided into 7,232,360 ordinary shares with no nominal value expressed. The company gives news of the subscription between the shareholders G & D, Massimiliano Anguillesi and Value First SICAF – total holders of 5,441,500 TPS shares equal to 75.24% of the share capital following the subscription of the capital increase – and of a shareholders’ agreement having the usual provisions for an agreement of this kind, including: exercise of a vote at the functional meeting to allow Value First SICAF to appoint a director, a statutory auditor and a substitute; limited consultation between the participating subjects or their representatives in relation to matters of particular importance for the company; evaluation of strategic activities aimed at – after 36 months from the signing of the agreement – to favour the enhancement of the Issuer; five-year duration, subject to anticipated expiry.